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The Best Security Cameras

Are you looking for a security camera system? One that is everything you need and rated best of the best. 

The truth is security cameras are more then best of the best. In fact most cameras are made using the same or similar parts. The real question is why do you want cameras. 

One thing to keep in mind is cameras by their very nature differ in a few ways. 

Quality (megapixels)

Design( the look)

Firmware ( the software on the camera) 

Compatibility (are they compatible with recorders, in other words open or closed) 


These five basic things are really what makes cameras different. And to determine what’s best is more about your needs, not a general consensus. For example if you have a 10’x10’ room and you need to identify paperwork on a desk, you’ll need a very high resolution camera with a software that allows you to do a digital zoom. On the other hand if you need a general image and don’t need high levels of detail you can use a lower megapixel camera and accomplish exactly what you need. 

Do you need ai, do you need audio, the questions can go on. As you can tell, what is the best, is subjective. 

Now here is the point, what is the best to who? And why? And at what cost? 

The key to the best security camera system is the use of them. Most people buy security cameras to have video in the case of an event happening so they can find the video. So the question I have for you is if that’s your need, what value does live viewing have for you?  Truth is it doesn’t. So then how long do you need the video for? What is the purpose of the recordings? 

Are you looking for evidence of vandalism, catch an employee stealing, slip and fall claims? The amount of storage you get for your system is going to be critical to the system effectiveness. And the real fact is depending on what you’re looking for certain things have no use for you although they may be critical to others.  For example, if you’re a property manager of a residential building does bar code scanning have a value to you?  How about gun detection?  Of course the answer is yes but this is not about what you think is a great feature, yeah I said it, the value of the system must be measured on the resources you have to implement the technology.  100% of any one looking into security has a budget, that budget must be met based on the core needs.  In my 32 years in this industry I have never met a client that was eager to spend more than they had too.

When looking into security the first thing you will need to identify is what are you looking security to do for you.  In order to avoid having a system that doesn’t fit your needs, you need o identify your needs first.  If you need a car to get you from point a to point B and comfort is not a concern because you don’t travel more then 30 miles a day and have a budget of $50,000 would you buy an $80,000 car that has more features then you’ll ever use?  Your security is the same.  Once you identify your needs, you can start to drill down into the other categories such as features and benefits. 

The fact is that most clients don’t know or understand how security equipment works and what’s important.  For example: storage(yes I’m biased) but let me ask you do you back up your photos on the cloud from your phone?  Of course you do, do you back up your video surveillance recordings?  Most say no,  This could be the evidence that can avoid a major lawsuit, or put a criminal in jail.  This isn’t about a memory to be saved it’s about a memory to be retrieved. One of the number one issues in the surveillance industry is hard drive failure.  And this point goes right into what’s best for you.  

Below are a few things to use as a reference when trying to find the best solution for you. 





How far is the camera being mounted from the area you are looking to view

Is the camera going to be ceiling or wall mounted?

Are you looking for basic(see live and record) functionality or more advance(AI, ie, People detection, License plate recognition, proactive alerts like people in area, object left behind, etc.)

Are the cameras open source(can hook up to any recording device)

Amount of detail needed

What type of material are you mounting on?

Ease of use (subjective)

Are the cameras closed (must used 

Total Area of Coverage

What color is it?

Ability to get what you want quickly

Is the cameras, recording closed where you must use all of the same product

Are you looking for the camera to be noticed or hidden?

Proactive alerting 

Are you locked in or have option?

Is the software a cap x or software as a service

The best system in the industry is a system that is built around your needs. Your needs to be identified and clear.  From there, the rest is easy.  Your security is serious and you deserve the best, this should help you identify it.