CCTV cameras and smart home security cameras serve the common purpose of surveillance but differ significantly in their features, applications, and user experience.

CCTV Cameras:
1. Commercial Focus: CCTV cameras are predominantly utilized in commercial, industrial, or public environments such as banks, retail outlets, and streets.

2. Wired Connectivity: Typically hardwired, CCTV systems function within closed circuits, with footage usually stored locally or on centralized servers.

3. Basic Functionality: They offer fundamental recording and monitoring capabilities, often lacking advanced features like motion detection or remote accessibility.

4. Professional Installation: Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems typically necessitate professional expertise, limiting accessibility for individual users.

5. Scalability: CCTV setups can be expanded to cover expansive areas or multiple locations effectively.

Smart Home Security Cameras:
1. Residential Emphasis: Smart home security cameras are tailored for domestic use, enhancing monitoring and protection for homeowners.

2. Wireless Connectivity and Integration: These cameras are Wi-Fi-enabled and seamlessly integrate with home automation systems, allowing remote access and control via smartphones or other devices.

3. Advanced Features: Smart cameras boast advanced functionalities such as motion detection, two-way audio, and cloud storage for footage.

4. DIY Installation: Designed for user-friendly installation and setup, smart cameras often permit homeowners to install them without professional assistance.

5. Integration with Smart Devices: Smart cameras can synchronize with other smart home gadgets like doorbell cameras, alarms, and smart locks, offering a holistic home security solution.

In summary, CCTV cameras cater to commercial and industrial surveillance needs with their hardwired setup and basic functionalities, whereas smart home security cameras are geared towards residential users, offering advanced features, easy installation, and integration with other smart devices.