So you want a closed circuit camera system?

The question is...WHY?

Isn't it obvious to most people these these days, you ask?

  1. I want added security, increased protection, and I want to have video footage available to defend against lawsuits.
  2. I want to send a message to my employees and to the public that "good and honest behavior" is expected here.
  3. I want to be able to check on things when I'm away from my business, facility or home from my mobile devices.

After all, shouldn't cameras hold people accountable for the actions or inactions that affect me directly?

What abou

t the impact on legal cases that can cause my organization unnecessary and potentially huge expenses?

Some argue a camera system is a form of spying, is invasive and or inappropriate. You know... some kind of "unfair advantage". Against who? Criminals?

Don't we have the right to protect our assets and don't we have a moral obligation to assist authorities when something bad happens on or near our premises?

Of course we do, that is if we are rational and reasonable people.

But will you be watching these cameras live all the time? Do you really care to watch the lives of other people unfold as yours passes by?

Today, premeditated crimes such as insurance fraud, long term theft schemes and all other behavioral abuses CAN all be managed with the right video storage tools.

This is where digital recording comes in. Cameras don't solve the challenges we face, but recorded evidence does. The reason why cameras are effective is the irrefutable evidence they gather.

The fact is, some cameras themselves may prevent someone from committing a criminal act. However, most criminals are not deterred by the mere presence of cameras, which explains why we have so much video evidence of those committing crimes.

The challenge is high definition camera files are very large. The recording devices Hard drive can only hold video data for a very short time (usually just a few weeks). This mean that the effectiveness of the camera system is limited.

To overcome this challenge, very costly sophisticated equipment is becoming more readily available, but remains out of reach for most.

Our legal system affords plaintiffs years to file lawsuits. But defendants have just weeks or at best a few months of recorded data to prove their cases. When video data is not available, camera systems are not effective at all.

One company has a patent pending solution to solve most Video data backup requirements. Their software turn weeks of data retention into years of saved data for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

That company is Proactive Storage and Monitoring Inc. Check out their website: and contact them for more information if you really want your CCTV system to pay dividends.