I am pleased to see that a suggestion that my insurance agent and I made to my security company in 2012 has become a formidable solution to property management companies and owners.

This service has allowed me to successfully defend my company against lawsuits that I would have otherwise lost.

I wish my friends at ProActive-CCTV all the best, as they share this needed solution with security companies near and far.

Jerry Glick
Metro Landmark Realty Inc. Bronx, NY

It’s late afternoon on a holiday weekend, and I’m just trying to tie up some loose ends. I wanted to personally thank you for providing us with the Virtual Video Vault for our integrated camera system. Recently, at our 47th Street location, a woman reached out to me regarding an accident that her husband had across the street from us at the Verizon building. I was so happy to be able to help her! Verizon told her that they didn’t have any archives of their video footage, only the last 30 days, but, thanks to Proactive-CCTV, I got her our video footage for the time and date she needed, and it was so easy! I sent over a help request, and Demetri got back to be right away, and emailed me a hyper-link to the footage by the next day. She was so thankful and appreciative, and wondered why a very large company like Verizon didn’t have the capabilities that we had with our camera system.

That made me feel real good, and I just thought that you should know about it, and hopefully bring you a J.

Thanks again,

Prince Lumber
New: 618 West 47th Street
New York, New York 10036

The Bay Club has now been a client of Proactive-CCTV for one year. Switching from our prior service provider to Proactive-CCTV was the best decision for us. Though we entertained bids for products and services from several competitors, we chose you folks for a number of reasons.

By and large, the most important reason for initially selecting Proactive-CCTV was your Cloud based Vault data backup. Prior, we were limited to 30 days’ of onsite data storage/footage and the risk of server/hard drive failure loomed large. With your Vault, we still have 30 days of recorded footage on our servers, except now our data is also backed up to the Vault after just 24 hours and is retained for up to 3 years! That gives us peace of mind in knowing that our data is secure regardless of server/hard drive failures or catastrophic damage to our infrastructure. Vault has served us well. On a number of occasions I have used Vault footage to successfully defend The Bay Club against false accident/ liability claims and to provide forensic evidence of crimes and various violations. The Vault is an invaluable tool!

Courtney/Public Safety Director
The Bay Club
2 Bay Club Drive
Bayside, NY 11360