In August 2016, ProActive was born out of the necessity to solve data storing problems and expand upon the effectiveness of monitoring surveillance systems across an entire spectrum of applications. Led by partners Tom Maggio and Michael Biordi, ProActive offers services that are revolutionizing the surveillance industry in technical stability and oversight of technology with two key platforms: VAULT DATA STORAGE and PULSE MONITORING. There is no other competitor coming even close to what ProActive is offering in price and in solution. ProActive has a pending patent on their process. They are innovating the way businesses approach storing security information. As a fully trusted company with proven results, ProActive works with you to provide their services to large business and small businesses at a fraction of the cost of other competitors out on the market. Clients save money while getting pertinent technology that will enhance the security of their business.


Tom Maggio

Tom MaggioTom Maggio is a self driven and unstoppable mastermind in the security systems industry. A true entrepeneur at heart, he's motivated by his children to leave an undeniable legacy. Having worked in the industry as a security system installer since he was 12 years old, Tom traveled across the country and lived in various states learning the ins and outs of the security systems industry, while training sales and installations staff. He launched CCTV Services in 2006 and for over eleven years, has grew his business into a fully trusted organization. In 2016, Tom partnered with Michael Biordi to revolutionize the surveillance industry and the capabilities of video monitoring and storage. His company goals for the next 5 years is for ProActive to be on every single security camera contract throughout the country. Think it's impossible? Tom Maggio thrives on the challenge.

Michael Biordi

MichaelMichael Biordi is a pioneering artist with hints of true genius behind the subtle appearance of his humble disposition. He's a software developer, music producer, and co-owner of ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring. He earned a Bachelor’s degree at Five Towns College and has an accomplished background in music production. His innate desire to create software applications within the I.T. industry, propelled him to collaborate with Tom Maggio in developing software under CCTV Services Inc. Michael is the lead developer of ProActive’ s software product line, and has the technical prowess to deliver real world results.




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