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Affordable Long Term Storage Solution

This innovative data storage solution is changing the face of archiving security surveillance data. No longer will companies have to worry about their security system's data being overwritten due to lack of space. Vault Data offers up to 3 years of space on Proactive's external hard drive and unlimited space via the cloud. What is the product? Vault Data Storage is an innovative security video storage system that stores data on ProActive's external hard drives for up to 3 years and on a cloud for an infinite amount of time. This protects video data from being overwritten. It's a patent pending product that is totally one of a kind in the security systems industry. Vault Data Storage offers a vital solution that will have a tremendous effect on businesses. Whether it's to secure data for future legal issues or to simply have a cohesive archival of video, Vault Data Storage has capabilities to store a Petabyte worth of files. That's big data!


How Does Vault Data Storage Work?

In the past, when security cameras collected data, it would only be able to save for a few weeks at a time before being overwritten by new data. That is until ProActive came along with a verifiable solution to expand data storage. Clients subscribe to Vault Storage and immediatly gain access to store their video data up to three years on ProActive's external hard drive. ProActive also offers several offsite cloud storage solutions. Data can be stored in a variety of resolutions.


Vault Storage will effectively store data for long periods of time without being overwritten. In the event of a "Search" procedure, all data files would effectively be located and pulled from its storage space. It has the capabilities of benefiting virtually every business that controls and wants to protect their assets. What happens when a business needs their data? Most of the time Vault Storage is used passively rather than actively, meaning businesses go back to review the footage after the fact. There have been numerous cases where businesses have had to go back for video re-evaluation. Those who didn't have Vault Storage had a realization that the content they needed was no longer available. This caused major issues and resulted in lost cases. On the other end, businesses who aquired ProActive's Vault Storage were able to access their video footage with ease to be used as evidence in legal cases. These customers were extremely satisfied.

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