Pulse Monitoring


With Pulse Monitoring, Proactive has the capabilities for 24/7 monitoring on each security camera. If a camera goes down or has a malfunction, Proactive will be alerted immediately and the client will be notified via text or email. This secures that all systems are being used properly to prevent future liabilities in the "searching" process.


What Is Pulse?

Pulse Monitoring is a health check CRM developed to ensure that Security Surveillance Systems are running with accuracy for a complete overview of productivity. Pulse Monitoring alerts clients when a camera is either down or malfunctioning. It's an overview service of all connected cameras.


Pulse Monitoring is the stethoscope to security cameras. If a system fails, ProActive receives an alert on their monitor board. The client receives a text or email depending on the service they acquired. The client is instructed to call ProActive immediately to notify when their security system is down. ProActive will work swiftly to correct the problem. Clients are able to view their system's network in the CRM. Why Pulse Monitoring? Pulse Monitoring alerts both ProActive and the client when the system is down. If the camera fails, the system will not record data from the time of its failure. This can be a liability for future data search procedures. This sort of health checking of systems is a necessity for all camera surveillance systems. It's a pivotal service in order to determine effectiveness and accommodates Vault Storage Data.

How Does Pulse Work?

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