I recently read an article about the former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove.
He once referred to an 'Inflection point in the development  of technology'-
a critical moment when the curve of progress versus time changes, the things
that used to work don't work anymore, and new necessary technologies become
available. Individuals that adapt to the shift in those emerging
technologies are wildly successful, and those that don't adapt fail.
This is exactly what is happening in the CCTV industry with video data
storage. Today's Surveillance System Technology isn't able to keep up with
the demands of the ever increasing HD and Megapixel Cameras. Couple this
with demands for longer term storage because of a huge spike in liability
lawsuits and todays systems are not able to protect their users from these
lawsuits.  Yes, it's true that hard drive prices are dropping and new H.265
compression technologies are emerging trying to solve some of these
problems, but long term storage solutions still remain too expensive for the
average Surveillance System user.
In order to archive the video data for years and truly protect a client for
the full statute of limitations, new technology must be incorporated.